Homeschool, our chosen journey

Wow! It has been 8 months since my last blog post. In all honesty, for the past months my life has become a rollercoaster ride, an overwhelming ride with  homeschooling my first grade daughter, being a wife, and taking care of my online career as a Virtual Assistant.

My ride is not 100% full of fun and laughters. There were moments of hardships and moments of almost giving up that I had to face all by myself and with my husband's support when I asked him to.


Comparing Numbers (<,>,=) For First Grade

For 3 days we are studying comparing numbers. We are using Math For Life 1 textbook by Rex Publishing.

I taught her single - 3 digits comparisons since I am mixing our lesson with place value from ones - hundreds. So we are learning 2 Math lessons at the same time  I think it supplement each other so I am doing this as my technique. As an additional materials, I found some online games related to the topic just click Internet4Classrooms to to straight to the online games we used.

I believe being able to teach our children with number comparison at an earlier stage will help her determine higher numbers for her future Math lessons. It is also relevant in real life situation.


Patinig at Katinig Worksheet

I found this worksheet at providing worksheets for Filipino and Araling Panlipunan for kindergarten and grade 1 or so.

I dowloaded this worksheet for Bernice since we are also studying vowels and consonants in her English subject. Feel free to download her or you can visit the website.

If you are a Filipino Homeschooling family and you have resources for Filipino and Aralin Panlipunan subjects that you can share, please comment below. I will compile them as a resource page for the other Filipino homeschooling families like us. Thank you.


The Rainbow and God's Promise to Noah

I read to Bernice about the story of Noah from Genesis (Old Testament) as our Bible lesson which we will tackle for 1 week through story reading, activities, and artwork.

She is shocked when I told her that God wiped out the humanity through the flooding. I also asked her to re-tell the story based on how she understood it. Her comment was, "Because people became bad and they are punished by God." Which is totally correct.


Spelling: Days of the Week

For this morning, I am teaching how to spell the Days of the Week to my daughter. Surely she knows to recite them in proper order. But spelling in her age is still a challenge.

She still mixed up the letters. 

So at first we did fill in the blanks like putting a missing letter in each word. Then we tried mixing up words to rewrite them in its proper spelling.

Trial and Error Stage of Homeschooling

We use popsicle sticks as manipulative for addition and subtraction.

This is our second week of our trial and error homeschooling. I say trial and error because I am still in the process of absorbing and processing all the challenges that may come along our way as we journey toward our first year of homeschooling.